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NOVEMBER 12-14, 2021

Finding Stability in an Ever-changing world 

As humans, we are highly adaptable beings that strive to break barriers in order to prevent stagnation. We break barriers in science, technology, and arts that help us live better and easier lives. Our desire to grow has led us to changes, many of which we fail to recognize. As new technology is released it is immediately integrated into our daily lives without much forethought. Over time we have normalized ideas that seemed beyond imaginable a couple of decades ago but are fundamental to us today. Despite our ability to adapt to changes, we need stability to maintain a sense of self and belonging. This is what the theme of Finding Stability in an Ever-changing World encapsulates: the comforts in life that help to keep us grounded as individuals in a world that seems vastly different from the one the day before.

Globalization has been integral in changing society for better and for worse. It has changed countless lives through the extensive opportunities it offers, helping raise the standard of living in many developing countries. Despite the many benefits of globalization, it is critical to also evaluate how its changing effects have hindered society. For example, it has served as a catalyst in which local cultures are being erased. We have languages going extinct, environmental destruction, and the promotion of consumer culture over the integrity of local traditions. Now we must choose to either combat issues such as environmental destruction or adapt to the loss of local languages. Each change we make in society creates a chain reaction of more change, both good and bad as seen in the case of globalization, constructing the ever-changing world we live in.

The Coronavirus outbreak has created a lens through which we can reflect on this theme. The progress we have made as a society has been used to help combat such issues, whether it is developments in science that have helped create the vaccine or access to basic necessities that foster a safer environment. It has also created instantaneous changes in our lives that will continue to linger for years to come, like how we interact with others. Through it all, we have found stability in our ability to unite together to fight for a common cause. In fact, the pandemic is something every single person has in common today despite the various differences that set us apart.

So how do we not get lost in a world that seems different every day? How do we continue to grow as individuals and as a society without feeling overwhelmed? Is our adaptable nature as human beings harming us? Do we find stability or do we create it?


CHEMUN XV will provide a platform, through debate,  in which these questions will provoke deeper thinking within individuals. We hope to leave a positive impact on our community and around the world around us through questioning the ever-changing world we live in.



What is CHEMUN?

Since its inception in 2006, the American International School of Chennai has held a three-day annual conference for high school students who wish to show their passion and insight for contemporary international relations. As a simulation of the United Nations, CHEMUN thrives to encourage all students to come together to research, caucus, debate, support and pass resolutions to solve issues of global importance.

As a THIMUN affiliated conference, CHEMUN is an exciting opportunity for young minds to confront themselves to the most pressing issues of today’s world. It will give them an understanding of how to approach and solve global concerns. This inspiring experience encourages students to work collaboratively and exposes them to the dynamics of our world through debate and cooperation. Topics concerning eleven different forums - GA: SPECPOL and Decolonization; GA: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural, ECOSOC, DISEC, HRC, EC, SPC, APQ, ICJ, SC, and HSC - will be introduced to the participants for them to discuss as representatives of their assigned country.


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