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Code of Conduct
We are proud to present CHEMUN XVI, and have so many of you from different parts of the globe join us. We believe that through the imposition of such norms, we will be able to foster an environment conducive to fruitful debate, and collaboration. 


  1. (Delegate) Committee Conduct

    1. Delegates must be respectful to their peers and chairs when speaking. 

    2. Delegates must respect the authority of the chair in the committee. 

    3. Delegates may not represent any other work as their own.

    4. Delegates must remain on task throughout the committee. 

  2. (Chair) Committee Conduct

    1. Chairs must perform authority as bestowed upon them, not extending or abusing it.

    2. Chairs must treat all fellow chairs and delegates in the committee with respect.

    3. Chairs must respect the authority of the CHEMUN XIV Secretariat.

    4. Chairs must remain on task (the debate committee) throughout the committee, and if seen otherwise, may face serious consequences. 

  3. Online Conduct

    1. Webcams must be turned on throughout Lobbying and during debate, when the Delegate is speaking.

    2. All Direct Messaging Channels must be used only for communication on committee matters.

    3. We have no tolerance for harassment, discrimination, or cyberbullying in any form. 

  4. Attire

    1. Everyone must be wearing ​appropriate formal business attire for the duration of the entire conference.

    2. Casual clothing is not acceptable.

    3. Please see our website for more information on what attire is acceptable.​​

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